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ANOTHER Warm Welcome! ;)

Today I want to take a minute to introduce my new Social Media Coordinator and friend, Tricia Rathke!  Tricia and I met online and quickly became friends, talking daily and Skyping once in a while, too.  Living several states away, we never could meet in person so when we were chatting about CHA one day and how we've both always wanted to go, we decided to go for it and started planning our trip to sunny California from the bitter cold states we both live in!  This has been a brutal winter for us.  We planned our flights to land at the airport around the same time and finally got to meet in the baggage claim area of SNA in the OC! haha  We had such a fantastic trip even though I was sick and not quite myself the whole time (boohoo).  Here are a few photos of our trip! That's Janee (another FAB friend that came with us) that I totally didn't mean to cut out of the pic.  Sorry, babe! Did I mention how happy we were to see the SUN?!  LOL I could post anoth

A Warm Welcome!

Hi everyone!!!  As some of you may (or may not) know, I decided to open my shop more than 2 years ago.  After discovering YouTube, I was doing a lot of haul videos and had always dreamed of opening my own store so it just kind of made sense and fell into place.  The YouTube girls, my FRIENDS, really made the start of my business possible and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to those of you visiting me here from there!  :)  For those of you that don't "know" me, my name is Vanessa Middleton.  I am a wife, mom of 3, part time employee at an arts and crafts store and of course, business owner!  I grew up and still live in NH where we recently bought a house last year.  I've been a cardmaker/scrapbooker/stamper/collector (haha) for a longgg time.  My oldest is almost 18 and I  remember taking my first scrapbooking class when he was an infant.  Prior to that, my dad had bought me my very first stamp (AllNight Media style) when I was maybe in junior high, if not elementa